About the NUA Dual Language Institute

National University Academy’s (NUA) Dual Language Institute offers an innovative, 21st-century learning experience, focusing on dual language instruction in both English and Spanish; based in Vista, CA. Currently, the program is offering instruction to students in grades TK-8 where students are on campus Monday-Thursday and have a study-at-home day Friday.

NUA has been recognized at the state and national level with awards that include California Gold Ribbon School, Title I Academic Achievement Award School, and 21st Century Learning Exemplar School. NUA is accredited through WASC.

Students receive relevant, accessible, rigorous, and results-driven education in both Spanish and English.

Our Vision

“At NUA Dual Language Institute, we strongly believe that all students are unique and capable learners who, through positive educational experiences and strong second-language practices, can attain proficiency in both Spanish and English and in doing so, become successful global citizens.”

Our Mission

National University Academy’s Dual Language Institute is dedicated to providing a bilingual educational experience that is exciting, inspiring, and rigorous. NUA provides an innovative 21st-century learning environment that is well-supported by its students’ families and the community.

Our Core Values

Innovation Opportunity Achievement Collaboration Flexibility


NUA Schoolwide Learning Expectations (PRIDE)

P – Productive and Self-directed Learners

R – Responsible and Ethical Citizens

I – Independent Thinkers and Workers

D – Decision Makers and Problem Solvers

E – Effective Communicators