I don’t speak any Spanish at all. How will I be able to support my child?

  1. Most of our parents do not speak Spanish, even if they are of Hispanic descent. Teachers provide minimal translation for assignments and more extensive translation when it is requested; as they are very easily accessible by e-mail, text or phone.
  2. Students also have support buddies in class who help them when necessary

Will my child become confused by learning to read in two languages?

  1. Our students learn to read first in Spanish. Spanish is logistically easier to learn to read because each letter has only one sound.  The research in literacy indicates that the skills associated with early reading –letter identification, phonemic awareness, blending, segmenting– are transferable to any language. The idea is that you only learn to read once– reading skills are a set of skills unto themselves that are the same in any language. Our students spend all of kindergarten and half of first grade becoming confident, fluent readers in Spanish. In the second half of first grade, they begin transferring phonemic awareness, etc. to English.  By the end of second grade, students are becoming strong readers in English as well as Spanish.
  2. Students who are taught to read in two languages are more focused on true reading comprehension and using higher-level analytical thinking skills to elicit textual meaning. This is in contrast to students taught in a monolingual setting who are sometimes more focused on fluency and expression.

How do dual immersion students perform on CAASP SBAC tests?

  1. Ultimately, the research for dual language instruction is very consistent: student test scores are slightly below those of their peers mainstream settings until about 5 th grade, at which time they are caught up with their grade-level peers.
  2. By 7th and 8th grades, the test scores of dual immersion students exceed that of their peers.

Do teachers give instructions or speak and English at all during Spanish time?

  1. No, during Spanish, it is full Spanish immersion with no English whatsoever
  2. One often-used best practice is to provide support buddies to students who are struggling in Spanish.

Which disciplines are taught in each language?

  1. In grades K-2, Language Arts, Math and PE are taught in Spanish. Science and Social Studies are taught in English.
  2. In grade 3, Language Arts are taught in both languages. Math is taught in English. Science and Social Studies are taught in Spanish. PE is in Spanish.
  3. In grades 4-8, Language Arts are taught in both languages. Math and Science are taught in English. Social Studies are taught in Spanish. PE is taught in Spanish.