Preparing Students for a More Global Future

Our middle school program is one of the few dual immersion middle schools available in North San Diego County. Students in grades 5-8 are enrolled in six courses, including math, science, and English language arts taught in English; and social studies, Spanish language arts, and P.E. taught in Spanish.  At this point in their academic/dual immersion careers, students have evolved from learning Spanish to learning IN Spanish. All Spanish curricula are taught at grade level with little emphasis on acquisition and greater emphasis on content. Additionally, students participate in a series of nine-week elective courses: yearbook, fine arts, drama, and technology/coding. These activities allow students to explore their likes and dislikes as they prepare to enter high school. Class sizes are small and students remain just a bit more sheltered than students at larger public middle schools. Students are able to participate in cross country, basketball, and cheer. Phones and electronics are kept in backpacks in the off position until 3:15 p.m. and they are strictly prohibited during school hours.

We pride ourselves on our rigorous curriculum, our commitment to second language acquisition, and our participation in preparing students for a more global future.